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Understanding Cancer
Dorisa Schadow, Heike Schallhammer (eds.).
With an introduction by Dr. med. Ingrid Olbricht.

Stress aside
Maria Schäfgen (ed.)  

To Live or Die
Audre Lorde  

A New View of a Woman's Body
Feminist Women's Health Centers, USA.  

Witches' whispering
Christiane Ewert, Gaby Karsten, Dagmar Schultz  

Fit and healthy through sport
Gertrud Pfister (ed.)  

Breast Health.
Natural healing prevention and accompanying therapies for breast cancer
Susun S. Weed.  

Changing years - changing times
(The Menopause)
Rina Nissim  

Natural Medicine in Gynecology.
A handbook for women.
Rina Nissim  

Natural Medicine for expectant Mothers and Newborns.
A handbook
Susun S. Weed  

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