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Welcome to the redesigned DATADIWAN website !!!

Currently, the Datadiwan website's volume is comparable to 5,700 book pages! Here you will find over 6,000 bibliographic entries as well as 6,000 addresses. We are receiving 2,000 visits and 17,000 pageviews daily on our Domain!

The Datadiwan is first and foremost a database where you can access actual information on holistic medicine and frontier sciences. Secondly, the Datadiwan is as a scientific discussion forum, where interested parties can discuss scientific topics with others like-minded people...all over the globe. And thirdly, the Datadiwan is a network which links research institutions and organizations world-wide.

Obviously, the Datadiwan resources should not be limited to specialists such as therapists and researchers, but rather should function as a valuable informational resource providing background information to the laity as well as patients. The Patienteninformation für Naturheilkunde's consulting doctors are available to answer most questions concerning holistic medicine. Please submit such questions via Email.

The name "Datadiwan" alludes to smooth, comfortable operations, subsequently, creating an easy search for interesting facts about holistic medicine and frontier sciences. Furthermore, the name "Datadiwan" is a guarantee for superior contextual quality.

To make orientation within such a large site as painless as posssible, we have implemented easy-to-use navigation frames. In the left-sided frame, you will find the corresponding texts; the right-side navigation frame offers further subject possibilities. Hence, you will be able to orient yourself swiftly and easily within the Datadiwan.

The Datadiwan navigation frames provide eight areas to choose from. For a more detailed overview, please take a look at our Site Map.

1. Welcome
Here one is offered an overview as well as a brief orientation fo the site. You can read why the our website is called the Datadiwan, what is the function of the Infojockey within the scope of the Datadiwan project as well as who were founders of the Datadiwan. Furthermore, you can discover more about our work here by reading our most recent Progress Report.

2. News
The rubric News provides actual information about both the Datatdiwan and specialty topics. In this same rubric, you will also find announcements for upcoming congresses, conferences, and meetings.

3. Network
The Datadiwan offers research institutes, information centers, and specialists a platform to present their subject matter and publications. The Datadiwan is a motor for networking international databases and researchers, taking over the coordination and development of tools and interfaces. Cooperation partners contribute texts which are to be electronically published. These texts are then indexed and cataloged in the document listing. For all document on the Datadiwan website, the reader can type in a comment as well as read any past comments.

4. Magazine
The Diwan Magazine is our website's online magazine. Its purpose is to publish original texts by recognized authors working in the fields of frontier sciences and holistic medicine. The Diwan Magazine has its own ISSN-Number, subsequently accomodating the authors with the same copyright protection for their scientific works that any hard-copy magazine would offer.

5. Consultation
Another service of the Patienteninformation für Naturheilkunde is a comprehensive and personal medical consultation, where people can seek counsel from one of our consulting doctors. The patient information's Fachberatungsdienst (the Technical Consulting Service) will answer any other specific scientific questions and/or research commissions. Additionally, the consultation imparts the addresses of our Network-Partners' information centers.

6. Site Map
Here you will find an overview of the Datadiwan along with links to the respective areas and contents. Please note that due to the mass of materials, not every single document can be listed in the site map.

7. Search Engines
Here you can conduct a keyword search in the entire Datadiwan site - www.datadiwan.de. We have installed a Fulltext-Search-Engine, which makes your search of the fulltext index as quick as possible. In order to conduct an external search of the WWW, we have installed links to the conventional search engines.

8. Guest Book
For the chance that our readers want to tell us something....

The Datadiwan is continuously improving its web presence. Its contents are continually growing and new areas like the Diwan Magazine are being added. In 1995, the Datadiwan started out on the WWW as a text-oriented collection of data and documents. In the mean time, an innovative and professionally structured database and electronic library for specialists has emerged into being.

Please write us if you would like to take part in the scientific discussions or if you have any suggestions for us.

We hope that you will have loads of fun surfing on the Datadiwan.

Bernhard Harrer Knowledge Transfer and the Team from
Patients Information Center for Natural Medicine
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